Friday, January 11, 2013

Rebel Experiments...take 1

Everyone loves taking pictures, right??  Of course you do...don't lie.  What varies from person to person is their choice of subject.  There are photographers that almost exclusively shoot people; likewise, there are people (like myself) that don't ever seem pleased with those pictures.  Generally speaking, I prefer my subjects to not talk back.  Being in architecture, most people would assume my subject of choice would be buildings.  Lame guess people!  More and more I find my interest lies somewhere between the macro world and the landscape world.  I fully realize this is a pretty broad range, but it really varies for me based on where I am and how I'm feeling.  Of course, right now I only do photography for who cares.  Someday I hope to branch it out, but we'll see.  As i've been told too many times to count..."you have too many hobbies".  To that I say POPPYCOCK!

As most budding photography hobbyists do, I decided I really wanted a DSLR.  That, however, was a chunk of change that I just didn't have--no way, no shape.  Lucky me (and I mean uber lucky), my beau pays attention to my many ramblings and thoughts that start with "It would be really cool if I could...".  As a side note, a man that listens AND remembers is still shocking to me.  For my birthday last year, I received my wish in the form of a Canon Rebel T3i.  He is A-mazing.  Happy Birthday to me!!!  I call her "Rebel".  Creative, right?  With just shy of a year under our "together" belts, I'm convinced now more than ever that he is my good karma reward.

For those just starting with a DSLR, here are some tips:

  1. I highly recommend the book DSLR for Dummies.  It's huge...but it explains things in a way even a beginner can understand.  AND it has pictures--bonus!
  2. Take pictures of everything!  Don't get frustrated if they aren't what you's all a process of learning.
  3. Don't be scared of the different settings.  Try them all.
  4. Learn about light!!  (read the book)
  5. Buy a good bag for yourself.  After all, it's expensive equipment!  I got a Tamrac and love it.  It's the perfect size for a beginner and the sling is super convenient.
  6. Ask around.  Talk to friends that are photographers...get tips...ask questions.
  7. DON'T go crazy and buy 5 different lenses!  Holy Moly.  Get a basic 18-55mm or similar and work with that one until you understand what your camera can do AND what you want from it.
  8. Last...don't be afraid to look dumb.  No matter what, you're going to look silly squatting inches from that crazy twig...or leaning out over an outcropping of rocks to capture that water drip.  Deal with it...embrace it.

On to a series I call Rebel Experiments!  This is my version of somewhere between macro and landscape...with a few randoms thrown in either direction.

Grrrr...angry driftwood.
The best "release your frustration" tool.  Period.

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