Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's a New Year...where's my confetti??

If you look at my profile, it says I started this blog April of 2012... and I'm just now doing my first entry.  Epic FAIL of blogger proportions.  Its my first blog though...cut me some slack!
BTW, I'm starting this blog on my new nexus 7 (insert your admiration here)...thanks to a fabulous Curt Binder!!  Pretty freakin' amazing...but I'm still getting the hang of it, so please forgive any weird typos.
One off my resolutions (although I prefer to call them "goals") is to start this blog.  Let's call that check #1 off the resolution list.  BOOM.
My thought is that by listing my goals here, someone might keep me in check.  Make sense to me!  So with no further adieu...
- start my blog (check!)
- run at least 3 events
- beat my 5k personal best
- take all 6 of my remaining ARE exams
- devote at least 1 hour a month to furthering my photography
- practice positivity in the face of negativity
Stay tuned...

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