Thursday, February 14, 2013

Taxes & Tacos....oh, and Valentine's Day

Well, it's Valentine's Day...and I had a hot date with my tax professional.  Hot.  Happy Valentine's to me, right?!?!?  Well, it kind of was...I'm getting a refund, so that's awesome.  As a treat, I made a spur of the moment decision involving a hasty lane change...Taco Bell.  Tasty.

Taxes: If you can do them yourself, bravo to you.  I can't.  My stuff is more complicated than my limited very limited tax knowledge will assist me with.  Mortgages are complicated.  In my humble opinion, I'd rather pay to make sure it's done right!!  And my time (especially these days) is valuable.  I'd prefer to not spend it translating, preparing, checking, double checking, and crunching numbers.  Booooo.  I like gathering my stuff, taking it to my person and walking away with a smile an hour later :)  No worries and a guarantee.

Tacos: The new cantina things at Taco Bell....not a fan.  It was ok I guess, but not the kind of zest I was hoping for.  It ain't no Chipotle!!!  Oh well.

Valentines Day: hmmmm, well I'm getting a refund, so that's Fun #1!  And they gave me a rose as I walked out accompanied by a "Happy Valentine's Day!".  Fun #2.  Maybe I'll pick up a mini dessert when I grab my salad from Schnucks...round it out to a solid Fun #3.  Exciting, haha.

By the way, if anyone wants a referral to H&R block, let me will get you a discount if you use my super secret code to hook you up :)  Who doesn't love a discount, right?

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